Why my rank suddenly changed to "Limited" and lost

The answer for this one should be straightforward, but anyways here's why:

Simply because you thanked a lot with the sole purpose of getting the links without contributing not even with an interesting post/review of what you had downloaded. We want an interactive community! so, occasional posters will be pruned as well.

This site IS NOT and never will be a place just to give away things for leechers, it is a FORUM to exchange ideas and stuff, otherwise it would be a simple page in blogspot.com.

The most important privilege you can lose is the ability to thank posts and therefore not able to get links.

Being a Limited user doesn't means that you have been banned, simply means that you're in the "freezer" until you demonstrate that you aren't a leecher contributing in any positive way with our beloved community either uploading/sharing or just posting something relevant like a review of what you had downloaded (things like: great post!, thanks a lot!, good video and stuff like that won't help you), so you should keep your thanks - points/post count ratio balanced if you don't want to become a Limited User or get rid of it if you already became one.

You can even create and keep a blog here with whatever you want, if it is interesting for our community, this could guarantee that you'll never be Limited again as long as you keep your blog updated.

A healthy thanks - points/post count ratio would be 2:1, which means for example that if you have thanked 50 times, you should have at least 25 points/useful posts.

As this is done automatically by the system, there may be errors. If you think this is the case, please contact someone from the staff to review it.

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